Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nick & Lisa's New House

Hello! My son and daughter-in-law bought their first house! We went there today to see it and I love it. It's beautiful and they deserve it because they both work very hard and are the nicest people! I finally got to use my Boards and Beams stamp set from Papertrey Ink. I also tried to do some shading for the first time. I like how the shading under the top edge of the roof came out, but I kind of over-did it on the fromt porch. I still love the card and will try to do better next time. I used Stampin' Up markers and an assortment of papers, including watercolor paper for the house itself.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope to post again soon, now that I'm off work for the next twelve weeks for summer vacation. See you soon.

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SueB said...

SHE POSTS! and omigosh, it's a WOWzer - TFS!